Wednesday, 2 January 2013

1st Chepter

Bismillah Hirahman Nirrahim.

Assalamualaikum... hai uolls

This is my 1st entry in 2013.. wo wo mcm lain macam je. Btw its not too late to wish hepy new year to all of u guys... weee.. my aged growing up lah uolls. malu! omaigowddd!! cannot imagine lah i was 20+ already.. wow!! but but still young i guess. kan? :p its okey. that is just a number. more mature org cakap. what the most important is i must be someone who really appreciate life and doing which is something useful for myself in the world and the hereafter. Amin..  (malam ni gegedik nak nulis englishh..apa kess? ) hehe walaupun ayat budak tadika. x apa. i tried! ;p

6 month more day left i wish i can finish my stdy in Management Event Industry la. here you go.hopefully on time lah ye. amin! :D this is my last semesta in University. huwaaa ehh sound sadis sangat. yup really excited u know but i thnk i cant too much hppy coz many more work to do nti. :( lot of project on coming semesta, my thesis! owh yaa ya.. so scary bile ckp psal thesis. help me help!! (mana cikgu izham ni?) btw apa yg penting peliss la doakan everything going smoothly and orderly. amin lagi :)

Jan 1st 2013, Alhamdulillah my friend selamat dibedah. he underwent a heart operation. now he still weak and my doa moga dia cepat2 sihat and of course lah same as before kan. pliss hppy on ur life k Jone? This is alleged life and all will be tested kan. we never know our turn apa pulak. dont worry ye we olls semua ada. Abg always be ur side. insyallah. he love u so much. owhh abg..(baby voice)..gegedik sgt. hehe ;) 

last but not least, our report for this semester is done! yeayy is done! dah xde ape perlu di  submit. Alhamdulillah.(harapnye results pon alhamdulillah la)  dah bole blk kampung rest for a few weeks. hew hew hew my bed dah manggil2 je tu. owhh mengundang sungguh. myb sehari dua lgi i will be at home. Insyallah :D 

Till here uolls.. thnx read this entry. SALAM..


  1. hihi ;) Moga dipermudahkan dalam segala urusan kak suhaila . oyeayyy kak suhaila dah ade degree :D

  2. amin.. :D
    tq najwa..lepas ni turn najwa plak tau.. cntinue deg.. :)